Educational Leadership and Policies

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policies in Brief:

Established the Department of Leadership and educational policies in the name of educational sciences with the beginning of the start of the Faculty of Education, after the issuance of the supreme Order of 27/5/1400, the establishment of the Faculty of Education began to present its programs and plans in the school year (1401/1402). 
The name of the department was changed from the Department of Educational Sciences to the Leadership and educational policy Section in the academic year 1437/1438.
Degrees awarded by the Department:
Master of Education Fundamentals
Master of Education Administration
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Postal address: Taif-University of Taif-Faculty of Education-Department of Leadership and Educational policies-P.O. Box: 888 al-Hayah-Taif 21944
• Soch: 1102-7342208-012-00966
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