Department of Special Education


Special Education Department:
Based on the responsibilities of the university towards the community, and what it offers to people with special needs in particular, the Department of Special Education was inaugurated after the issuance of the noble and the date of 18/1/1426 H to establish it, and begin to submit its educational programs and plans, to become one of the important sections within the system The new departments of the College of Education in this university. 
Leadership and excellence at the local and global level
The message:
Providing distinguished educational, research and service programs that meet the needs of the special groups in the society in accordance with the framework of Islamic principles the degrees granted by the Department:
• M.Sc. curriculum and methods of teaching Islamic studies. 
• Master Degree in Arabic language curriculum and teaching methods. 
• Master of Mathematics curriculum and teaching methods. 
• Master of Science curriculum and methods of teaching. 
• Master of English language courses and methods of teaching
• Higher Diploma Specialization of the general education programme. 

• Contact information:
Postal address: Taif-University of Taif-Faculty of Education-Department of Curricula and teaching techniques-P.O. Box: 888 al-Hayah-Taif 21944.
• Internal: 1069-1067-7342208-012-00966

• E-mail: