Student Activities

The College of Computers and Information Technology, represented by the College Vice Deanship for Training and the Activities Committee, launched a platform for student activities at the following link:

Student activities platform

 Through the platform, male and female students can do the following:

1- Recording their achievements and the awards they received

2- Registering an external participation to enable the college to follow up and provide support before the start of participation (technical competitions - hackathons - external competitions)

3- Obtaining certificates of thanks, appreciation and participation easily and conveniently

4- Follow up on announcements and communicate with the college’s deanship for training and the activities committee


Student clubs at the College of Computers and Information Technology

1- IEEE Student Branch Club

Club Supervisor: Dr. Haneen Al-Quthami, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Club Leader: Student Layan Nayef Al-Juaid - Department of Computer Engineering

Club Vice: Fahd Abdulaziz Al-Thubaiti - Department of Computer Engineering

2- Cyber Security Club

Club Supervisor: Dr. Majed Al-Shammari, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology

1- Rabab Al-Harithi
2-Omar Al-Ghamdi
3-Shatha Al-Osaimi
4- Moaz Al-Orabi
5- Atheer Al-Harthy

6- Sarah Al-Otaibi
7- Arwa Al-Otaibi

3- Programming and Artificial Intelligence Club

Club Supervisor: Dr. Hossam Musharraf, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Club leader: Abdulaziz Bandar Al-Gharibi
 Vice leader of the club: Sarah Abdullah Marzouk
 Innovation and Arbitration Committee: Raneem Qasim Al-Thaqafi
 Visual Design Committee: Sarah Abdullah Marzouk
Content Writing and Presentation Committee: Areej Jamal Basfar
Social Media and Marketing Committee: Abdulaziz Al-Gharibi
Public Relations and Human Resources Committee: Abdul Rahman Al-Manea


4- Google Club for student developers

Club Supervisor: Dr. Fares Al-Malky, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering

Club leader in the female section, Atheer Alharthi

Club leader in the students' section, Rayan Altalhy