Summer and extra-curricular training

College of computers and information technology is very keen to raise the level of efficiency of its students through giving them the required applied experience before going into the midst of practical experience, the college has devoted great attention to the at training program as a fundamental course titled “Field Experience”. This course provides the student with the opportunity to train in different workplaces. To guarantee a proper training, the college established a committee to coordinate and perform all required steps from the registration step and ending by delivering the students. you can reach CIT training platform at:

Training Objectives

1. Provide students with practical experience
2. Help the student to adapt the work environment
3. Help the student to take responsibility
4. Linking theoretical study with the practical reality, skills to communicate with
others and listen to their opinions and discussion
5. Provide an opportunity for companies / institutions to identify distinctive
cadres in order to attract when they graduate to work.
6. Gain the skill of writing preparation of technical reports


Training Pre-requisites

The student who would like to register for field experience in the summer semester should begin the process of applying for training in the previous spring fall. According to course specification of field experience course, a student who has 45 remaining hours in his study plan is eligible for summer training.
Note: As the training registration process should start during spring semester which is before two months from summer semester So, student who has 65 remaining hours in his plan including the registered hours in the spring semester can apply for summer training.


Contact information

Boys Campus

vice dean for training

coordinator at female campus

Haya Almutiri