Students Acheivments

  • Student Badr Shar Al-Bahishi from the College of Computers and Information Technology achieved third place in the field of technology and life. In the ninth cultural and scientific week for universities and higher education institutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries; The residence is in the State of Qatar.

  • Students Atheer Al-Harithi and Layan Al-Jaeed from the College of CIT, Department of Computer Engineering, and student Lina Al-Harithi from the College of Engineering; They achieve first place in a hackathon (#SANSFIKRAHTHON); In the path of automating risk analysis management models in air navigation. Sincere congratulations to the female students, the Department of Computer Engineering, and the College of Computing for this achievement.

  • Other students achievements

attached is the student acheivments at academic year 2021/2022