Historical Establishment

The Royal Decree No. (22042) was issued on 10/5/1424 H approving the conversion of Umm Al Qura University branch in Taif into an independent university. Then, the Royal Decree No. (20047) was issued on 19/4/1425 H naming the University (Taif University). Since the issuance of the supreme decree of establishing the University, the relevant committees have started to develop the structure of the University and establish new colleges and supportive deanships. Also, the University’s Offices of the Vice Presidents were established including the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

In order to achieve the highest levels of development and ranking, improve the efficiency and quality needed for  the universities in their administrative and academic systems and programs, and convinced with the importance of quality and academic accreditation, the University recommended the establishment of the University's Office of the Vice President for Development and Quality to disseminate and retain the culture of quality and obtain the academic accreditation for the colleges and programs of the University. The approval decree of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Council of Higher Education - may Allah protect him - was issued by Directive No. 7013 / M dated 1432/09/28 AH approving the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. 1431/59/10 dated 1431/04/26 in its fifty-ninth session on the establishment of the Office of the Vice President for Development and Quality at Taif University.

In 1437, the structure of the University was reconsidered to conform to the orientations of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 and to be consistent with what was stated by the Minister of Education in his Letter No. 563 dated 5/5/1437 regarding the excess number of the members of universities councils and the negative impact thereof on their performance, and the need for reconsidering the role of the universities, rationalizing their organizational structures and raising their administrative efficiency as well as the reconsideration of the previously unplanned expansion of the establishment of units and deanships and specialized centers. Thus, the University has reformed and redesigned its organizational structure to be more effective in the implementation of their roles. The reform activities required restructuring the deanships and the centers and making changes in the administrative units and organizational affiliates to allow the flow of information, avoid overlap of powers, prevent disputes and reduce expenses. As such, the merger of the Office of the Vice President for Educational Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for Development and Quality under the name of "the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development” is one of the leading initiatives to comply with the vision of the wise leadership in the growth and prosperity of this country. The Office Of The Vice President For Academic Affairs & Development is considered one of the efficient offices as it is concerned with two important university’s divisions representing the academic and development aspects which are complementary and inseparable.  The Council of Education Resolution No. 26 dated 8/1/1438 was issued to merge the University's Office of the Vice Presidents to reaffirm the intent of the new administration of the University under the leadership of Dr. Hossam Bin Abdulwahaab Zaman, the University President, to achieve the highest standards of quality in education and make them a supreme goal that  is inseparable in any way from the essence of the educational process and is not in isolation from the constant improvement of its output.