Strategic Objectives

  1. Developing the academic programs at the University and creating new programs to achieve quality and excellence (programmatic transformation).

  2. Supporting the academic environment in accordance with the requirements of the academic and institutional accreditation.

  3. Improving teaching activities and strategies so that the principles of student-centered active learning and competency-based learning are adopted.

  4. Supporting the educational environment in order to meet the distinctive characteristics of the graduates of Taif University in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.

  5. Scaling up student‘s activities and services.

  6. Developing testing systems and learning outcomes measurement for the academic programs.

  7. Developing e-learning.

  8. Developing training activities and revitalizing partnerships with community institutions to support the University's academic programs.

  9. Developing the structure of the vice presidency entities and increasing the efficiency of performance (organizational transformation).

  10. Developing the control and accountability system for the vice presidency entities.

  11. Developing the capabilities of the faculty members and personnel at the University and encouraging excellence and creative work.