The mathematics program was established in 1429 H . The program aims to excel in the areas of teaching pure mathematics and applied sciences; locally and regionally.

The vision appears in establishing a distinguished program  in teaching , training and research .                           .                                                                                               The message of the Mathematics Program appears in  graduating qualified students equipped with scientific thinking skills and abilities to conduct researches in mathematics sciences . This can occur by offering competent courses that help students to become distinguished in scientific research.

The objectives of Mathematics Program :

Within the strategic objectives of the faculty , the program aims to realize the following :

-        Improving the quality of education and the development of educational plans in the Bachelor's stage to keep pace with scientific developments and developments in modern mathematical sciences.

-        Graduating students with high scientific and cultural qualifications to contribute to public service and the   comprehensive development that is recently witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

-        Taking into account the needs of the labour market by introducing the different specializations of mathematics in the program .

-        The development of scientific and research skills in the field of mathematics.

-        Encouraging  publication in prestigious scientific journals and the active participation in  scientific conferences and symposia .

-        Enriching the Arab library by contributing to the compilation of  mathematics books in Arabic language and Arabiczing mathematics books which are written in other languages .

-        organizing training courses in applied mathematics ,such as statistics, that should harmonize  with the needs of community,  as well as organizing qualifying and advisory training circuits for institutions  inside the kingdom.