Department of Administrative Sciences

Administrative and financial sciences are a specialized scientific field that focuses on providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge that enable them to interact positively in the work environment, through the proper scientific employment of modern administrative, accounting and marketing theories and concepts, and enhancing their capabilities in the areas of decision-making, problem solving, financial analysis, and the use of technology Information, which makes them an added value for the business organizations in which they work

The department seeks, through its strategic plans, to prepare and prepare students to work in all administrative, accounting and marketing positions in official and private institutions inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to developing the skills and ability of students to establish small private projects and manage them efficiently, as they can continue their higher studies in Saudi and foreign universities.

The department is constantly updating its study plan in line with the requirements of the local, regional and international market and in line with scientific and technological developments, especially with  regard to the inclusion of computers and the English language in its courses


The Department of Business Administration and Accounting aspires to be a pioneer in the fields of higher education, scientific research, community service, and in line with the needs of the labor market.


Providing a scientific and professional environment of high quality in the fields of (business administration), (accounting) and (marketing), by attracting the highest competencies in the fields of higher education, training, consultancy and scientific research, in a manner that leads to the qualification of graduates at a high level of specialization, professionalism and distinction with knowledge Which enables them to obtain their opportunities in the labor market worthy and deservedly


1/Adopting the principle of quality in enhancing students' basic knowledge in the field of business administration, accounting and marketing.

2/ Qualifying and developing the department's graduates and providing them with basic skills and knowledge.

3/Activating cooperative training to rooting students' practical experience that enables them to pursue their professional lives at the highest professional levels.

4/ Meet the needs of the labor market with efficient human resources and get their job opportunities well.

Career opportunities:

1/ Investment companies and investment funds.

2/ Business sectors of all kinds and insurance companies.

3/ Governmental jobs in all their specialties.

4/ The industrial sector, governmental agencies, financial services, and banks of all kinds.

5/ Advertising and public relations in all economic activities.

6/ Consulting offices, education and training in all business organizations.

7/ Marketing research, conducting marketing activities, building marketing information, market analysis and consumer behavior. in companies, advertising agencies and other business organizations and brokerage houses.