Technical and Network Security Diploma

The Technical and Network Security Program is one of the new programs which was established  after the restructuring of the faculty to be the University College at Rania in 38/1439 H . It has already been planned to admit students in this program in the academic year 39/1440 H . There were a number of reasons behind starting this program :

-   Economic reasons :

-        The Ministry of Labour has studied the conditions of the labour to find out some defects like occupational exposure and the dependence of the labour market on immigrant labour.

-        The study resulted in  identifying  critical occupations, occupational exposure, and the necessary resettlement rates   for occupational safety in the kingdom.

-        According to the study, the critical specializations include engineering, renewable energy, computer engineering, information technology , smart technologies,  medicine, pharmacy, and the nursing profession.

This program meets the requirements of the occupational safety for the kingdom in the field of information technology.

B. The cultural reasons:

-        The educational system should consider the individual differences between learners,  their varying interests and the length of the study.

-        This program takes into account the relative disparity between the students' abilities and qualifies students as technicians and technical specialists in the field of network security.

 C- The technical reasons:

-        Techniques in the field of computer sciences and information technology develop quickly, and the demand for specific occupations increases regularly .

-        This program qualifies graduates for future jobs that depend on technology and network security, and electronic transactions

-        The graduates can contribute to the development and maintenance of networks and the settlement of military industries.

D. The social reasons:

-        With the decline in the number of students enrolled at universities, it is necessary find an alternative route to accommodate and qualify individuals for jobs .

-        This program represents an attraction for students . It provides a quick qualification for the labour market in government and non-governmental sectors.

-        This program ,also, distinguishes Taif University as one of the first universities that offer a program in technical and network security .

The vision of Technical  and Network Security Program appears   in supplying the labour market with theoretically and technically qualified national cadres . The vision ,also, appears in achieving progress , building a knowledgeable community and qualifying its institutions .  

The Goals of  Technical  and Network Security Diploma :

-        providing the graduate with the necessary skills  to deal with cloud computing and the administration of internet applications.

-        The preparation of the graduate to be able to assemble , administer and maintain the computer networks .

-        The preparation of the graduate to be able to secure networks and data.