The Academic Advising Unit

1.The Academic Advising Unit

The Academic Advising Unit is one of the administrative units of the college, and it is concerned with developing the necessary plan for academic guidance and counseling at the college level, following up the consolidation of the culture of academic advising, creating demand for it, and spreading it in the college community in line with the requirements of quality standards and academic accreditation. The unit is established by a decision of the dean of the college and concerned with planning, coordination and supervision of the implementation of the academic supervision process in the college, and the committee is responsible for the dean or the college vice-president for educational affairs, and the unit works in coordination with the Department of Guidance and Counseling at the Deanship of Student Affairs

2. Establishment of the Academic Advising Unit

It is formed at the beginning of each new academic year, and the Academic Advising Unit is called according to a decision from the College Board that includes the president and members of the committee, its tasks and powers, as follows:

  • Article 1: This committee is called the Academic Advising Unit, and it shall work on it from the date of its approval by the College Council.
  • Article 2: The members of the committee are appointed by the college council, and the number of the committee consists of two, three, or more faculty members as needed, and its term of work is an academic year.
  • Article 3: The committee meets for the academic semester one or more times upon the president's invitation or whenever necessary.
  • Article 4: Members of the Academic Advising Unit may seek the assistance of other members of the faculty to assist them in implementing the committee’s mechanism, with the approval of the College Board.
  • Article 5: The unit develops a program that shows the mechanism of the unit and how to implement this in practice.

3. Vision of the Academic Advising Unit

A faculty with a distinguished role in qualitative and technical education to achieve the Kingdom's vision of building the person.

4. Mission of the Academic Advising Unit

The Academic Advising Unit is concerned with providing support and guidance to college students in an effort to benefit from their own capabilities, work to develop their skills, and encourage them to excel and innovate academically to graduate within the specified period of time after they have acquired scientific experiences and practical skills that provide them with successful opportunities for work, as well as study their psychological, health and material problems and contribute to solve it.

5. Importance of the Academic Advising Unit

The Academic Advising Unit seeks to develop advisory services in line with academic accreditation quality standards. The importance of the Academic Advising Unit stems from the following:

  • Opening a direct window between the academic supervisor and the academic status of his students, in order to follow up their academic conditions up-to-date through the academic schedule, study plans, bylaws and university regulations.
  • Holding workshops dealing with many topics of interest to students and aiming to educate them and provide them with information that contributes to preventing them from falling into difficulties and obstacles that hinder their educational and academic career.
  • Preparing brochures and publications for all faculty employees, students, professors, and admission and registration officials.
  • Providing academic and advisory information to students to increase their awareness of the mission of the Academic Advising Unit.
  • Providing academic supervisors with the necessary information that helps them to perform their role in the mentoring process.

6. Goals of the Academic Advising Unit

The general objective of the Academic Advising Unit is to contribute to enabling the college to achieve its mission and goals through planning and implementing extension programs to help students excel and succeed, overcome academic, psychological and social problems and difficulties, and carry out the necessary coordination with the relevant authorities inside and outside the college in light of the approved instructions. The detailed objectives of the Academic Advising Unit are as follows:

  • Preparing students to recognize and adapt to university life.
  • Providing students with correct information about the college, educational policies, study resources and programs.
  • Enhancing students ’academic achievement, raising their capabilities and overcoming obstacles that encounter them during their educational achievement.
  • Reducing the chances of academic faltering (preventive advice).
  • Providing advice and assistance to students with academic problems.
  • Taking care of students with low academic achievement, taking care of them and following them up until they rise to their academic level.
  • Care and help students socially, financially, healthily and psychologically, if necessary.
  • Paying attention to talented and talented students and providing what would enhance their capabilities and support their creativity.

The importance and objectives of the Academic Advising Unit show and confirm that academic advising has already become a fundamental pillar of the educational process in university education and that achieving academic guidance for its objectives in providing distinguished service to students greatly contributes to enabling the university to achieve its mission and goals in light of quality standards and academic accreditation in preparation for obtaining On institutional accreditation.

7. Tasks of the Academic Advising Unit

Taking into consideration the decisions of the College Board or the Dean of the College, the Academic Advising Unit, directly or through its mentors, undertakes the following task -

  • Develop a plan to supervise the college, and follow up on its implementation.
  • Spread awareness among students about what the unit is, its importance, and how to benefit from its services, through meetings, bulletins, and the college’s website.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of academic counseling, and the importance of communicating with the academic advisor by publishing brochures and leaflets and using the college's website.
  • Distributing the new students to the academic supervisors and publishing lists on the notice boards and the college website.
  • To submit periodically (the middle of each semester) a report that includes the unit’s work, as well as a report on student levels to the college administration.
  • Study cases referred by the college administration, and prepare reports on them for submission to the competent authorities.
  • Considering students ’academic problems raised by senior advisors.



Organizational Structure of the Academic Advising Unit