Business Applications Department

Department Chair's Speech:

Business Applications Department is an academic department that prepares, trains and qualifies human resources with high quality and professional skills required by the labor markets in the public and private sectors. Students graduates with a diploma degree in marketing and Executive Secretary and Office Management


One of the most attractive departments to study in, and the most interacting with the surrounding institutional environment, through modern advanced academic curricula with total quality and academic accreditation, which matches requirements of the labor market.


Preparation of distinguished graduates in the fields of marketing and executive secretaries, able to compete in labor markets, through mastering a variety of skills in the field of profession, and obtaining qualifications to continue scientific research and community service in accordance with quality standards.

Objectives and values:

  • Attracting increasing numbers of students in marketing, executive secretarial and office management fields.
  • Improve the quality of the diploma students according to national quality standards.
  • Increase opportunities of our graduates to work in their fields of profession through efficient and effective partnerships with business and government sectors.
  • Link learning outcomes of department programs to the needs of the community and reinforce the community partnership.

Degrees awarded by the Department:

The department awards the diploma degree (two years).

Professions in the department:

  • Marketing.
  • Executive Secretary and Office Management.

Contact information:

  • Telephone: (012) 7272020 ext. 2084