Head of Department

We live today in a digital world that contains many digital systems, which are double-edged swords. They can play a vital role in contributing to the development of our lives, from the simple process of purchasing a credit card in stores to manufacturing rockets. They can also kill humans and violate their privacy, such as forming electronic attacks and creating robots capable of inventing lethal drugs that destroy our lives. Computer systems bear intelligence and logic behind these discoveries and developments, so be interested in exploring how these systems work, participating in their development, and innovating a generation that contributes to securing systems against cyberattacks.


To prepare a generation capable of keeping pace with technological advancement at the global level and achieving the Kingdom's vision, the Computer Engineering Department has been keen since its establishment on continuous improvement and development of curricula and study plans in line with the tremendous evolution in the field of designing and manufacturing digital systems with various applications. The department has promptly obtained international academic accreditation from ABET according to high-quality academic standards to ensure very accurate measurement of learning outcomes to contribute to the continuous updating process. The Computer Engineering Department continuously encourages faculty members to engage in self and collective development through participation in training courses, workshops, and research groups offered by the university or external entities. At the same time, the Computer Engineering Department has facilities and infrastructure in both male and female sections equipped with sufficient devices and tools available for students and those interested in research and scientific projects.

As a chair, it is an honor for me to lead such an ambitious team of researchers, including our faculty members as well as master's program students. The Computer Engineering Department is a leading department in research at Taif University. We significantly contribute to cybersecurity research, data science, artificial intelligence research, big data extraction, research and development, information and network security, distributed systems, autonomous robots, and active vision. Our faculty members, alongside their enthusiastic graduate and undergraduate student teams, conduct innovative research in related specialized technologies and applications fields...

The Computer Engineering Department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in computer engineering and admits no fewer than 300 male and female students according to competitive standards while providing them with the necessary academic guidance and counseling. The department has formed various committees that work integrally to serve students, such as the Student Affairs and Complaints Committee, the Student Activities Committee, the Examinations Committee, in addition to the IEEE Student Club and the Google Developers Club. In order to listen to the opinions of the students, the department has formed a student advisory council chaired by the department chair and composed of a number of male and female students to take students' views on the difficulties and problems they encounter and on development opportunities in the department in all areas, asking the Almighty to grant us and them success and guidance.

With us, you belong to the future!Top of Form


Dr. Hana Mohammed Mujlid

Head of CE department