College Achievements during the A.U.: 1438/1439


1. Boys Campus

  • The College won the fourth place in the five-ball tournament at Taif University.
  • Dr. Yasser Nada won third place at the university level in chess competition.
  • The computer maintenance program received a distinction award in the program transfer program at the community college which was adopted by the University of Taif.
  •  A group of courses and seminars established by the Community College in the field of computer and marketing, which supports mainly in raising the academic level of students of the College.
  • Two field visits to the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology and the Valley of Mecca students of the college to intensify the scientific relations and field experiences of students.
  •  Accepting a large number of students in the college in the new programs, which were developed for the prosecution of the labor market.
  •  It is planned to establish an accredited center in the community college of Microsoft to give professional certificates to students of the college and students of the university and the community in Taif.
  • Training the students of the marketing department at the university departments to know the practical experience in the executive secretarial program and office management.
  • Dr. Adel Al-Khalidi, Dean of the College representing Taif University, received the Excellence Award in the closing ceremony of Taif Program for Quality and Excellence.

2. Girls Campus

The Community College programs were developed through the university's development plan where new computer, marketing and management programs were adopted as follows:

Computer Program

Marketing and management program

Computer Maintenance

Marketing department

Department of Smart Technologies

Secretarial and Office Management Section

Network Technology and Security Section

The system of bridging female diploma students for bachelor's degree has been activated at a minimum rate of 3.5.




The Committee College for female students was moved from Al-Faisaliah headquarters to Al-Hawiyah headquarters in Taif at the beginning of the first semester of this year 1438/1439 H

Most of the college schedules were included in the evening.

• Negative aspects have emerged because of this being processed in the second semester.

• In the second semester, the community college schedules were transferred to the morning period to achieve the goal of integrating the diploma students with the bachelor students to achieve the discipline aspects.

• At least 700 students have been admitted to the Community College diplomas.

• The College faces some difficulties:

• Set up network hardware (speakers - image clarity on screens) and continue for all classroom lectures.

• Provision of supervisors of the halls continuously for each hall.

• Follow up the academic process and address the problems that arise during that.

• Follow-up of the tests in the programs for the cooperating colleges (administrative sciences, computers) and the receipt and delivery of the envelopes of tests, as well as processing and follow-up of female students for the sessions of the test.

• Follow-up students of special needs and provide the appropriate atmosphere for their tests in coordination with the special needs unit.

• Follow-up and address the discrepancies that have emerged among some students to register them in a people other than the people of the faculty of public materials.

• Follow-up and address the discrepancies that have emerged among some students to register them in a people other than the people of the faculty of public materials.

• Follow up cases of deprivation and implement the lifting of deprivation according to the model of lifting the deprivation of students who applied for that facility with the required excuses.

• Absence excuses have been received for students who are absent from the final exams in preparation for submitting them to the competent committee to hold the alternative for them on the scheduled date according to the university's calendar.

Second: College achievements in extracurricular activities:

• The Plan of Student Activities was approved for the first time by the Dean of the College, with the support of the Dean of the College, Dr. Adey Karim Al-Khalidi, at the end of the second semester of 1437/1438 H, in preparation for the year 1438/1439 H.

In addition, voluntary programs were adopted at the beginning of the second semester of 1438/1439 H with the successful efforts of His Excellency the Vice Dean of the Community College. Hana Mohammed Jameel with the full assistance of His Excellency the Dean of the College and the blessing of His Excellency Dr. Hossam Zaman, the University Director. Third: activating the work of the committees:


 1) Academic Guidance Committee:

 The work of the Committee: Supervising and follow-up of the necessary deletions and additions to the student schedules in line with the program plan according to the academic level and addressing the disadvantages of students' failure to complete the plan and maintain the rate. Application form to amend the student's schedule (deletion and addition)​

2) Student Activities Committee:

Follow-up activities of student activities from the design and completion of programs and final reports.


3) Schedules Committee:

Follow up the progress of the academic process and lectures and address the problems of classrooms and teaching networks.

4) Examinations Committee

Follow-up tests and address the problems of students to enter the tests and receipt of envelopes and delivery of tests.