A TU delegation discusses cooperation and exchange of expertise with 5 Tunisian universities

date of publication : 2019-03-24

A TU delegation, headed by Provost Prof. Turki Al-Thubaiti, concluded an official visit to Tunisia, during which joint cooperation in the academic, scientific and cultural fields was discussed. During the visit, the TU delegation met with the Saudi Ambassador to Tunisia Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Ali to discuss aspects of academic cooperation between TU and Tunisian universities.

The delegation visited Tunis El Manar University, a distinguished university in the humanities and sciences. The delegation discussed with the university president Dr. Fathi Al-Salouti and other officials the possibility of joint cooperation between the two universities in many fields. These include arbitration of literary activities in poetry, fiction, and drama writing, as well as teaching foreign languages (French and Italian), with the possibility of exchanging students during the summer.

The delegation also visited the University of Tunis, distinguished in the fields of literature and archeology, and discussed with the university president Dr. Habib Sidhom the possibility of cooperation in many fields, including education, economics, teacher preparation, archeology, as well as the exchange of faculty and students.

The visit to Manouba University, distinguished for arts, documentation, journalism, e-commerce, medical sciences, and pharmacy, included a discussion with the university president Dr. Jouhaina Gharieb and some deans about the possibility of cooperation between the two universities in various fields. The delegation also met with the President of Zitouna University Dr. Hichem Quresa and a number of administrative officials to discuss establishing a distinguished relationship between the two universities in all fields of research and teaching. Ziytouna University is most notable for its programs and research in Islamic civilization and jurisprudence, Quranic recitations, fundaments of the Islamic faith, and literature.

The last university visited by the TU delegation was the University of Sousse, notable for its varied programs in medicine (radiography, seawater therapy, occupational respiratory diseases), law, political science, languages, English civilization, history, economics, transportation, engineering, and design. The two sides discussed ways of cooperation between the two universities, and the need to sign a comprehensive agreement in all technical, literary, humanist, and scientific fields.

In addition to the Provost Prof. Turki Al-Thubaiti, the TU delegation included the Dean of the College of Science Dr. Adil Qabouri, Dean of the College of Law and Systems Dr. Abdullah Al-Nifa'i, Dean of the College of Arts Dr. Nayef Al-Barrag, Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences Dr. Abdulilah Al-Thubaiti, PR and Media Director Salman Al-Thaqafi, and the Provost’s secretary Ahmad Al-Shirbi.