Research upload and review platform

Correspondence via the following online platform


The original of the research is sent in the form of a Word: file, and a file: (pdf) via the previous online platform, formatted according to the terms and conditions of publication in the magazine. (See publication rules and conditions)

Search Submission Controls:

The received search must be spelled and linguistic.

Search pages do not exceed 40 pages.

The first page of the research includes the full title of the research, the name of the researcher or researchers, and his scientific description, in both Arabic and English.

The researcher provides a summary of the research in both Arabic and English, so that his words do not exceed (200) words or one page, and the translation is from an accredited authority (a statement to be attached thereto)

The researcher is committed to presenting the previous studies by merging them in the body of the research, whether in the introduction or giving her a separate title.