Head of Department

On behalf of myself and my colleagues from the academic and administrative section of the Department of Information Technology at the College of Computers and Information Technology- Taif University, I would like to welcome the visitors to this introductory and brief note for information technology department’s programs.
The Department of Information Technology aims to develop the knowledge and skill capabilities of students and qualify them for the Saudi job market in accordance with the Kingdom's vision 2030. The department offers academic programs for the bachelor and master levels. One of these programs is the Bachelor of Information Technology, which holds the ABET international accreditation. In addition, both Bachelor of Information Technology and Master in Cybersecurity programs within the department are currently striving towards achieving the national NCAAA accreditation.
The department is also distinguished in the research and academic fields through faculty members who have won local and international awards in the field of scientific research, such as the award for the best 2% of world scientists and the university award for the highest number of research citations.
The department also aims to raise the efficiency of male and female students by offering many workshops and training courses in the field of information technology. The Department of  Information Technology has become one of the distinguished departments at Taif University in return for the unlimited support from the college and university administration.

Dr. Wajdi Haison

Head of IT Department