Management Departments

Department of Accounting
This section deals with the preparation of accounting books of all types and daily recording using the computer. It  also works on periodic balance sheets, periodic tables and monthly schedule, completing the procedures of closing the final accounts at the end of the financial year, preparing the necessary reports and supervising the fund's inventory and complying with the bank accounts and making the necessary adjustment

Audit Department
This section checks all documents and financial transactions received for the financial management and completes any observations they find necessary for the system of clearance of the receivable. This section receives transactions from the salaries and expenses section in respect of the expenses of the first section of salaries, allowances, etc. in respect of employees, the procurement department, the management of university services, operation, maintenance and faculties in respect of the expenses of the second and third sections and project management in respect of the expenses of the fourth section

Exchange Department
After checking the exchange orders, transactions are transferred from the departments responsible for insurance, maintenance or construction in the event of a request for payment within the limits allowed by the financial accreditation

Checks section and payment orders
This section deals with the settlement of receivables in its final form through payment orders submitted to the Ministry of Finance at a rate of twenty thousand riyals and more. It also prepares and delivers checks for companies and institutions received from the Ministry of Finance. It also prints and issues student checks

Fund Section
And pays the dues of the employees of the university and its affiliated colleges from the checks issued by the accounting (checks expenses of university employees) and checks issued by the Department of payment orders and also provides the amounts obtained as a result of the sale of tenders in the account of the Ministry of Finance in the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Department of Administrative Services
Receives the transactions received for the financial management and presents them to the Director of the Department and also exports the transactions to which some comments, forms, reports and letters are sent to the competent departments

Archive Section
Receipt of transactions received from the Fund and from the payment orders section after delivery of checks and prepare the files and transactions and send them to the General Control Bureau and then received and sorted in preparation for preservation