Scientific Publication Reward Initiative

The scientific publication reward has been approved according to a number of the following conditions and controls

1.That the researcher applying for the initiative is not included in the initiative to support distinguished researchers.

2.In the event that there is more than one researcher from Taif University on the published scientific paper, the entitlement to the previous Taif University researcher is in order according to the order of researchers from Taif University on the paper and it is not required that the researcher be the first on the paper as a whole among all the researchers mentioned on the paper.

3.That the research advanced for the initiative is not financially supported by any other program or initiative within the university or supported externally by any other Saudi university or an Arab university.

4.To add thanks to the Deanship of Scientific Research at Taif University for the scientific paper submitted for the initiative, as an example:

The researchers would like to acknowledge Deanship of Scientific Research, Taif University for funding this work.


5. The number of research allowed to be submitted by each researcher is three as a maximum and they must be appeared as full article in ISI before 31/12/2023.

6. The research submitted to the initiative is supported by a financial value of eight thousand riyals.

7.The research submitted to the initiative must be published in a journal listed at the time of its publication in Databases Web of Science and it is included in one of the two criteria
(SCIE or SSCI) in (Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4). It should be published in a journal with an impact factor

.8The award must be submitted after the published research is included in the databases  Web of ScienceDefinitively, it is not considered a search condition Early Access descent permanently.

.9The research published and submitted to the initiative must be original research (Original Research) It is classified as (Article Type) It does not accept anything else.

.10Affiliation with Taif University must be the only affiliation mentioned on the published paper for all researchers from Taif University whose names are mentioned on the paper, including the researcher applying for the initiative.

11.Research that comply with the above mentioned conditions are accepted after the date of announcing the launch of the initiative, and what was included before the launch date of the initiative shall not be accepted.

12.Rejected applications are calculated from the maximum number of applications specified for each researcher according to the aforementioned point number five.

13. The researcher is obligated to fill out and sign all the required forms in the website.


Submission mechanism:

1.To be submitted to the website on the link

2.The main research should apply personally on the reward data.

3.Upload a complete copy of the research manuscript in a PDF format and required forms to the website.