Word from the Dean



 Since its establishment, Taif University has supplied the labor market with graduates who are highly qualified to meet the Saudi Arabian kingdom’s demands. The university has striven to preserve the Islamic heritage and our Arabic language and to inculcate in students religious concepts and values .In addition, it has played a significant role in the development of human’s and place’s excellence. One of the university’s pillars is Faculty of Arts which has prominently contributed to the university’s development by its departments. The faculty has five departments including Arabic Language, History, The Foreign Languages and Media Departments as well as the Psychology Department that has recently been joined to the faculty. It is highly noticeable that each one of these departments has remarkably developed its overall efficiency by improving study plans, objectives, strategies and scientific output.

Faculty of Arts has encompassed a group of lecturers, professors, and scholars brought from distinguished and leading universities around the world, which leads to a diversity of cultural, critical and research trends. These led to positive influences in the development and renovation which merge the Islamic long-standing heritage authenticity and educational achievements in combination with modern technology.

As a part of the faculty’s interests to develop its programs in a way that serves the region, meets the requirements of Saudi society and achieves the objectives of the National Vision 2030, Faculty of Arts has been keen to deliver a number of distinctive academic programs that work in consistence with the academic transformation program in terms of goals and output. This includes the Tourism and Antiquities program, and the Master's Program in Translation.

In terms of the scientific and academic degrees offered by the faculty, the faculty confers a bachelor’s degree in all the above-mentioned majors as well as a master’s degree in Arabic language, Syntax (grammar), literature and criticism. Additionally, it offers four master’s programs in Psychology Department. The faculty also intends to introduce a PhD degree in most of the majors mentioned previously and master is programs in History. All these programs and their output are considered steady steps on the path of leadership and innovation.

In order to achieve the national vision’s objectives for an ambitious and vibrant society as well as prosperous economy, the faculty had the honor to launch Arabic for non-Native-Speakers Unit that was officially inaugurated by the president of Taif University

Dr. Husam Zaman. This unit aims at disseminating Arabic Language and affirming the national identity through offering special programs that target several groups of people including international scholarship students and non-Saudi residents of community members. In this regard, it also offers tourism-based educational programs.

Finally, I would like to sincerely extend my gratitude and thanks to the Kingdom’s government for their continued support and sincere care. In addition, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the university administration represented by its President Dr. Husam Zaman and Vice Presidents. My thanks also go to my colleagues and fellow faculty members, to administration staff and to all students in the faculty. I pray to Allah that we may achieve whatever is best for us and for our country.

Dean of the College of Arts

Dr. Naif Albarrag