Basic Oral Medicine and Allied Dental Sciences Department

The department of basic oral medicine and allied dental sciences provide our students with the fundamentals of scientific research on the field of dental materials sciences and on the basis of structure-property correlations. The dental materials and technology units allow hands-on practical learning for students to learn and keep up with the cutting-edge dental materials and methods that are used for dental prostheses manufacturing.

Department Units :

Research Unit

The unit focuses on teaching the fundamentals of scientific research. The college of dentistry supports fundamental and applied dental research topics which are aimed toward improving the society dental health

Dental Materials Sciences Unit

In this unit, our future dentists are introduced to the basics of dental materials science and their selection based on their biological properties and clinical indication

Dental Technology Unit

The unit teaches our students materials handling and the different methods of manufacturing fixed and removable dental prostheses

Laboratories Unit

The College has several labs that allow our students and faculty members to gain their practical training on the latest cutting edge equipment's

Head of the department :

Dr. Ali Saleh Alzahrani

Assistant Professor

College of Dentistry

Taif University

Department Staff Members :




Dr.Mohamed Abdelrahman Abdelrahman

Assistant professor, Oral Pathology

Dr. Umar Farooq

Associate Professor, Microbiology

Dr.Ali Abdullah Ali Alqarni

Teaching Assistant, Oral medicine

Dr.Manjunatha Bhari Sharanesha

Professor (Associate), Oral Histology

Dr.Amir Khan

assistant professor

Dr. Mohammed Shakeel Mohammed Bashir

Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Dr.Muhammad Hassan Ali

Associate Professor