Student clubs at the Deanship of Student Affairs

Student clubs at the Deanship of Student Affairs

  1. Talent Club.
  2. The media club.
  3. Arts Club.
  4. Aoun Club.
  5. Integrity Club.
  6. Nebras Club.
  7. Theater Club.
  8. scientific Club .
  9. Cultural club.
  10. Reading club.
  11. Walking club.
  12. Collar and Health Club.
  13. Individual Games Club.
  14. Team Games Club.
  15. Sports club for special needs.
  16. Intellectual Security Club.
  17. Club with special needs.
  18. Club of excelling and excelling.
  19. Traffic Safety Club.
  20. Tobacco Club.
  21. History and National Heritage Club.
  22. The Film Club.
  23. Toasdtmaster
  24. University Guidance Club.
  25. The Club of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Scout activity unit:

The Scout Activity Unit includes a number of teams at the university:

- Students section:

  1. The Mobile Clans Team at the University College in Sohar.
  2. Rangers' clan team at the University College, Bernea.
  3. The Mobile Clans team at the University College of Khurma.

- The female mobile team.