Workshop on "Professional Consulting in the Field of Engineering and Information Technology"

date of publication : 2022-05-24

The Professional Development Unit at the Deanship of Student Affairs at Taif University held on the Professional Development and Career Support page in the Skills Platform the workshop under the title “Professional Consultations in the Engineering, Computers and Information Technology” which targeted (20) male and female students on Tuesday 17/10/1443 AH 2022 /5/18 The workshop was presented by Dr. Imad Al-Sawat, a member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology at Taif University, where he explained the most important themes, which are:
1/ How to write your CV in a professional way
2- How do you prepare for an interview?
3- How do you plan to build your future career?
4- Identifying the available job opportunities according to the professional skills acquired on Tuesday