TU signs the first agreement between a public and private university

date of publication : 2021-12-05

 To promote scientific research

Taif University signed a cooperation agreement with Al-Maarefah University to enhance scientific research, exchange experiences and knowledge, and develop the research environment in various fields.

Dr. Walid Abu Al-Faraj, President of Al-Maarefah University, confirmed that there is a growing interest in supporting scientific research and innovation. He said that the Kingdom has achieved during the past period a number of transformations in the field of scientific research and innovation, such as the establishment of the Scientific Research Body, Development and Innovation Development Authority in the line with the Saudi Vision 2030 which emphasized the importance of scientific research to achieve progress and development in all fields.

He added that Saudi universities have achieved great growth in the field of scientific publishing, as they were able to publish more than 33,000 scientific research in 2020, with a growth of more than 65% over the target.

The President of Al-Maarefah University concluded his statement by expressing his thanks and appreciation to Taif University President and the Dean of Scientific Research for their cooperation in achieving this agreement, which will allow benefit and exchange of experiences, improving the practical research environment, international visibility, and building knowledge and expertise.