"A visit to King Abdulaziz Complex for Kiswa “Kaaba's Cover

date of publication : 2020-02-20

A group of female students and staff from College of Engineering at Taif University visited King Abdulaziz Complex for Kiswaa “Kaaba's Cover” Manufacturing. The students were briefed on the stages of “Cover” manufacturing process and listened to an explanation from the Complex officials on the date of Kiswa manufacturing, as well as, the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. They reviewed broad range of samples and photos which explain the historic stages of the Complex underwent in manufacturing the Cover of the Grand Mosque. Also, the Complex officials responded to many questions asked by the students.

It is worth mentioning that those female students are the first batch who enrolled in the College of Engineering to study in the fields of industrial engineering and architecture, after the study was limited to male students only.