Taif University establishes the first Saudi Association for Academic Advising

date of publication : 2019-07-28

Taif University establishes the first Saudi Association for Academic Advising

TU announced that Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh, approved the establishment of the Saudi Association for Academic Advising at TU.

TU Acting President Prof. Saad Al-Zahrani appointed Prof. Khadija Dhaifallah Al-Qurashi as Secretary General of the Association. Dr. Al-Qurashi is a professor of measurement and evaluation in the Department of Psychology at the College of Education.

Prof. Abdulrahman Al-Asmari, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development, said that the Saudi Association for Academic Advising aims to provide integrated advisory services to achieve academic, psychological, behavioral, professional and social compatibility and solve various problems that may hinder students from continuing their studies.

In a press statement, Prof. Al-Asmari stressed that the establishment of the Association comes from the belief of TU in the importance of advising in developing the educational process and the university community in order to promote university advising in the Kingdom through joint cooperation between the Saudi Association for Academic Advising, which will operate under the umbrella of TU and other Saudi associations. He pointed out that the aim of the society is to identify the most important psychological and behavioral problems prevalent among Saudi college students and to develop realistic plans to overcome them.

Prof. Al-Qurashi explained that the Association is concerned with developing the skills of academic advisors through holding courses, programs, workshops and meetings to develop the university advising process in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program.

Prof. Al-Qurashi pointed out that the Association will also benefit from the expertise of regional universities and international associations concerned with university advising in formulating the contents of the programs and training courses that will be launched to optimize the achievement of goals and to perform the tasks for which it was founded.

It is worth noting that TU has previously announced the establishment of the Saudi Association for University Teaching, the first academic association in the Kingdom to develop the teaching skills of faculty members in all Saudi universities.