Start of application for grants at Taif University

date of publication : 2018-09-11

Announcement of start of application for grants at Taif University
The University of Taif is pleased to announce the start of admission for
non-Saudi applicants from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the
next academic year 1440-1441. Application starts on Tuesday 1/1/1440
corresponding to 11/9/2018 to Tuesday 15/1/1440 H corresponding to
25 / 9/2018, noting that no application will be considered after the end
of the specified period.
Admission Requirements for External Scholarships:
The following conditions must be met :
1. The applicant must have a high school certificate or equivalent and
translate it into an accredited translation in case it is not issued in
Arabic language
2 .The Government of the applicant's country agrees to study in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the countries that require the Saudi
3- .The applicant should not have another scholarship from one of the
educational institutions in the Kingdom.
4. The applicant's passport must be a valid for a period of not less than
one year.
5. The age of the student should not be less than (17) years and not
more than (25) years.
6.The applicant must be physically fit free of disabilities .
7. Certificates and identification papers must be authenticated by
competent authorities in the applicant's country, as well as by the
Saudi Embassy in the country of the student. In the absence of a Saudi
embassy in the country of the student, he may authenticate his
documents from the nearest Saudi embassy in his country
8. Bring a certificate indicating that he is free of criminal precedents
from the security services in the country of the applicant9. The
applicant must attend two certificates of scientific personalities or
parties known to his country.
9. The applicant must bring two recommendations of scientific
personalities or parties known in his country.
10. The applicant should not have been dismissed from any
educational institutions in Saudi Arabia.
11. The applicant must pass the medical examination determined by
the regulations and instructions after his arrival to Saudi Arabia.
Documents to be submitted electronically for submission to the study
:system of external grants
1. High school certificate.
2. Passport valid for a period of not less than one year
3. The attachments should be in PDF format.
General Notes
1. Applicants must apply to Saudi Arabia residency regulations as well
as the regulations, and instructions in force at the university.
2. Any request that does not meet the required conditions and
documents will be excluded.
3. Phone number and email should be registered clearly. If the
university finds difficulty in communicating through them, the
application will be canceled.
4. The information recorded in the electronic application will not be
considered unless accompanied by the supporting documents.
5. Translation into Arabic language and attachment of all documents,
which are issued in other languages.
6. The applicant shall be responsible for maintaining the application
number given to him after completion of the application. This number
will be needed for access, follow-up and amendment of information
during the application period.
7. Applying for admission to the university and agree electronically
means that the applicant has a preliminary nomination, and does not
mean the final nomination unless the applicant is notified about this. 
8. In the case of final nomination, the student is not entitled to transfer
from university to another university except for what the university sees
for the benefit of the student.
9. The student's desire to choose his / her specialization is taken into
consideration considering the vacant seats at university.
1. The applicant undertakes the validity of all the data entered in his
application, and if it is found otherwise, the university has the right to
exclude the application
2. I promise to attend the university on time in the admission notice
3. I pledge to bring all the assets of my files in the event that I was
accepted to the University, and the university has the right to terminate
my scholarship if not brought within two months from the date of
4. I pledge that I will not make more than one application, and that in
the event of my violation all submissions will be excluded
5. I undertake that I have reviewed all the conditions mentioned and I
pledge the validity of all the data that I have submitted.
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