In the name of of Allah the Merciful

But the nations have not learned; knowledge is right and upright, especially if science is linked to evolution, knowledge and the use of the latest systems and programs. This is certainly not absent from our wise leadership, which enlightened and enlightened and launched the National Vision 2030, A prosperous economy and an ambitious homeland), and the vision behind it was the source of creativity for all the nation's facilities. The Council for Economic Affairs and Development launched the National Transition Program (2020)To be the Ministry of Education as a strategic partner in the implementation of its programs within the twenty-four participating in the activation of programs and initiatives in the first year, and to be the universities of Saudi lighthouses and platforms richness of knowledge and behavior illuminate this stage, and an extension of this light and a sense of moral and social responsibility Taif University launched a program transformation program under And the constructive efforts of the University's Agency for Academic Affairs and Development, which in turn set up the objectives and prepared for its realization. The investigation was initiated by the establishment of the University Extension Department; Jehat wise from the Rector and His Excellency the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Development, and the importance of this sensing their guidance in all its aspects in the lives of our children, students who are proud of them and proud.We are in the Department of University Guidance as we are honored with this mandate and honor from His Excellency; to prepare ourselves and promise you that we will be always ready and consistent; to embrace our students in all that I have formed and hope that our young administration will contribute to achieving its objectives based on that and seeking God, , Generous moral and financial support.

We - as well - as we keep our children in isolation from everything that delays them from the educational process or even cause them some harassment of any kind, we create a halo of safety to pass them those four years and launch a generation conscious and qualified and armed with thought and reason, and consistent to serve his country and religion, Property (2030).

                                                     General Supervisor of the Department of Academic Guidance

                                                         Prof. Dr. Khadija Bint Daifallah Al-Qurashi