Discover students' skills and how to develop them

date of publication : 2021-04-08
The University Counseling Department, in cooperation with the Deanship of Development, held a workshop for faculty members on Tuesday 24/8/1442 AH entitled (Discovering students' skills and how to develop them) and was presented by Dr. Walid Khairallah, a member of the faculty at the University College in Al-Khurma, where students have various skills in different fields 
The student may not feel the value of the skill that he is good at and master, and through the academic advisor session with his students, he can discover skills, direct students to develop them and open horizons for these students, which helps them to invest in those skills, during or after university study, from here discover discovering students ’skills is a requirement. Essential in the guiding process by which the guide leads his work with his students and the course was concluded by answering some of the inquiries that the trainees raised to the lecturers on this topic, and with this training course, the training program for this semester and submitted by the University Counseling Department for faculty members has been sealed