Psychological preparation for tests

date of publication : 2021-04-08
From the standpoint of the Counseling Department's readiness for the tests, a training course for students was held in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs on Wednesday 25/8/1442 AH entitled (Psychological Preparation for Examinations) and was presented by Dr. Moataz Ahmed Abdullah, a member of the faculty at the University College in Al-Khurma, where the psychological preparation of the student to take the tests is one of the most important factors that 
As ignoring this aspect for many students leads to psychological problems that may affect their results negatively, and this psychological readiness of students must be accompanied by seriousness, effort and perseverance as basic elements that are indispensable in order to obtain the desired positive results and the most important points on which this is based Psychological preparation for tests Good preparation and organized work during school days to enhance self-confidence and consider that the fear associated with the tests is a natural, human feeling without harm
Then comes the role of the family and the academic advisor as a strong catalyst to raise the degree of confidence of the student, then preparing for the student’s behavioral readiness before the exams in terms of following optimal health and psychological habits, and finally how to deal with behavior and psychological within the test, whether in the presence or electronically in the case of remote study, and with this you have achieved The course aims at helping the student to prepare psychologically for the tests by identifying the nature and nature of the tests, correcting the student’s concept of the tests, increasing the ability to positively deal with anxiety and fear, and then urging the application of the best means to prepare for the tests and with this session the training program presented has been concluded This semester is from the University Advising Administration for students.
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