Taif University Organizes the Fifth Exhibition and Symposium of Elective Requirements

date of publication : 2022-01-04

Taif University organized a forum and exhibition of projects for the selective general requirements courses at the General Requirements Center of the Deanship of Supportive Studies, within the project " Taif University Graduates Attributes (TUGA)".

The exhibition and forum was launched in the presence of His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Youssef Ibn Abdah Asiri, and His Excellency the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development Prof. Dr. Faisal Ibn Abdullah Al-Malki. Thirty projects representing eight elective courses participated in it: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course, Digital Citizenship Course, Volunteer work and social responsibility course, health culture course, media and society course, French language, and Chinese language.

His Excellency the Head of the General Requirements Center, Dr. Faris Ibn Abdullah Al-Malki, explained that the male and female students participating in the exhibition gave a brief explanation of their projects to the visitors of the exhibition from inside and outside the university.

Her Excellency the Dean of Supporting Studies, Dr. Noura Al-Sanea, indicated that the forum and exhibition are integrated with the contexts of the Taif University Graduates Attributes Project (TUGA), which aims to enhance the quality of educational outputs in line with the labor market in light of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in a scientific and systematic manner, and to build students’ personality and knowledge so that Graduates of Taif University are distinguished by a package of educational skills for life and future career.

The project aims to achieve its goals by raising the academic content to a higher level by mixing the contexts of common 21st century skills with university courses, and presenting them through an educational environment that encourages excellence and creativity, and meets the needs of society, thus contributing to excellence in various disciplines.

At the end of the forum and exhibition of projects for the selective general requirements courses, the winning projects in the first three places in each course were honored.