The schedule of the first semester final exams of the general courses

date of publication : 2019-11-28

The Deanship of Supportive Studies announces that the final exams of its courses (general requirements and English language courses) for the first semester will be held between Sunday, 18 /4/1441 H and Thursday, 22 /4/1441 H for the students of all University colleges and branches according to the attached schedules. The Deanship encourages all students to abide by the exam instructions, wishing success to everyone.

Important Instructions for Students:

A student is not allowed to sit for an exam without an ID or a University ID.

A student is not allowed to leave the exams room before half time after the start of the exam.

A student is committed to the exam group (s) s/he is registered in.

Using cell-phones is strictly forbidden, and anything that raises suspicion of cheating should be avoided.

A student is not allowed to sit for the exam of a course where s/he is denied on the University e-system.