Bachelor in General Biology

Program mission

Prepare qualified graduates in the field of general biology capable of competition in labor market and exploitation of scientific research in community development.

Program goals

  1. Provide students with efficient cognitive and professional skills in biology related fields.
  2. Prepare students for a wide variety of career paths, including scientific research and professional levels of employment.
  3. Motivate social responsibilities of students in an ethical framework for sustainable environmental and community development.
  4. Develop competency of lifelong learning and interpersonal traits in the field of specialty.
  5. Encourage investigation, problem-solving and scientific reasoning capabilities.

Program learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and Understanding

K1: Recognize facts, principles, scientific terminology and concepts across major biological disciplines and other related sciences.

K2: Classify different organisms based on their habitats, external features, anatomy and other relevant biological characteristics.

K3: Identify basics, routine procedures and technical requirements of different scientific tools and equipment.

  • Skills

S1: Apply biological concepts using integration of academic knowledge and professional skills.

S2: Investigate relatively complex scientific problems, facts and opinions using a range of knowledge extension to recommend classical or innovative solutions with limited guidance.

S3: Utilize concepts and basics of biological sciences in economic, social and environmental contexts.

S4: Demonstrate functions of macromolecules (e.g. DNA, proteins, lipids …etc.) in different biological systems.

  • Values, Autonomy, and Responsibility

V1: Exhibit leadership role and responsibilities in making an identifiable contribution in professional and scientific research activities.

V2: Formulate original and innovative responses in addressing and solving complex problems and issues.

V3: Display professional, ethical and cultural values in relation to technological or scientific advancements.

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