About 450 male and female teachers participated in summer training courses at Taif University

date of publication : 2019-07-28

 About 450 teachers took part in the summer training courses for general education staff, offered by TU College of Education under the supervision of the National Center for Professional Development.

Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Bakr Kamal, explained that the teaching staff of the College of Education have prepared the training portfolios and that the training courses provide the general education staff with special teaching skills in mathematics and science, enhance the positive behavior of public education students, and teach them how to conduct research in the educational field.

In this regard, TU presented five training programs for male and female teachers: 1) Teaching Mathematics in Light of 21st Century Skills presented by Dr. Said Mahmoud Iraqi; 2) Enhancing Positive Behavior in Elementary School Pupils presented by Dr. Abdullah Banyan; 3) Scientific Research Skills in the Field of Education presented by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Qahtani; 4) Teaching Science in Light of Modern Trends, presented by Dr. Muhammad Khair Al-Salamat; 5) and Recent Global Trends in Science Teaching: Next Generation Science Standards, presented by Dr. Sana Muhammad Abu Azra.