Taif University holds a 4-day book fair on World Book and Copyright Day

date of publication : 2019-04-08

The Deanship of Library Affairs at Taif University organized a 4-day book fair in conjunction with World Book and Copyright Day. The fair included a unique collection of books – on religion, self-development, literature, and the arts – targeting various readers.

The fair hosted Dr. Manal Ammar, from the College of Education, who gave a talk entitled "Loyalty to the Library." In this talk Dr. Ammar discussed a number of topics such as the importance of the library for the university student and the role of reading in self- and personality- development. TU Dean of Library Affairs Dr. Hana Mujlid said that organizing the exhibition stems from the realization that science and knowledge are the most important pillars in building nations and civilizations. Pointing to the importance of books, Dr. Mujlid said, “Books are the most powerful tool of knowledge; they keep history and culture alive; they develop human knowledge and transmit it from one generation to the next.” She also added, "So the least thing the Deanship of Libraries at Taif University could do is celebrate authors with their books and achievements on the World Book and Copyright Day."

The Dean of Library Affairs said that the celebration of the World Book and Copyright Day included many student activities, hosted Safahat, a book fair store for female students, held several digital library and digital warehouse workshops, and organized two seminars entitled “Loyalty to the Library" and “How to Read.”