Grant Study's Units's Department

Organizational Units

General Description

By organisational units we mean the units of  special nature that carry out specific tasks that would enable the administration to achieve its aims and mission. These units are administratively supervised by the General Supervisor of the grants administration
 Academic Affairs Unit
Definition of the unit
It is the unit that follows up the academic affairs of scholarship students and their regularity in their studies, and provide the necessary support for them in their programs in their various faculties, whether in the Arabic language

 or bachelor  or graduate programes 



. Objectives of the Unit:

Provide all admission and registration facilities for scholarship students.

To enable scholarship students to continue their studies in their study programs successfully.

Receiving, answering and providing support to grant students.

Communicate with the coordinators of the colleges to grant students to follow up their regularity in their studies.

Supervising the graduation procedures of scholarship students expected to graduate and provide the necessary facilities for them.

Unit functions:
- Propose the period of announcement of opening the door for admission to scholarship students and follow-up procedures for registration of wishes and submitted to the Ministry.
- Implementation of the grant management policy and the university acceptance, coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the faculties of the university (except health) to the acceptance stage in terms of numbers and conditions required for each college in accordance with the University's policy of admission and absorption rates.
- Referring new scholarship students to the medical administration for  medical examination necessary for the admission process.
- Preparation of lists of students admitted to scholarship programs and classification according to their nationalities and countries and their wishes.
- Providing an information and data base on scholarship students at the university, which will be the reference for decision making.
- Consider requests for apology, withdrawal, and give final decisions on them . 

- Follow up the academic and educational affairs of the scholarship students according to their programs in their different colleges.
- Eliminate the obstacles that meet the scholarship students during their studies and provide all facilities for them.
- Continuous communication with the coordinators of the colleges to grant students to identify the strengths and weaknesses during their studies.
- Limiting the problems of scholarship students and working on studying their dimensions and providing appropriate solutions for their treatment.
- Receive the proposals of the scholarship students and their inquiries and work to meet them after study and analysis.
- Holding periodic meetings with the coordinators of scholarship students at the faculties of the university to study and discuss the progress of students' study in their various programs and ways of developing performance.
- Editing agenda for periodic meetings and writing annual reports on the follow-up of the progress and regularity of scholarship students during their studies.

2- Student Welfare Unit:
  Definition of the unit:
It is the  unit concerned with planning for  social, cultural and sports welfare of students, discovering the talents, development, refinement and sponsorship of scholarship students, investing their creative energies, integrating the students of different countries together and creating the collective team spirit.

Objectives of the Unit::

- Prepare the student care plan each year in proportion to meet and develop the talents of students scholarship and hobbies and refining their personalities.
- Providing social, cultural and sports care to scholarship students to integrate them with their Saudi counterparts.
- Invest the energies of students of creative grants in the social, cultural and sports fields and represent the university in regional and international competitions.
- Participation in the establishment of student events and integration in the activities provided by the university.

Unit's job

- Develop annual plans for social, cultural and sports care for scholarship students and follow up their implementation throughout the academic year.
- Supervising all forms of social, cultural and sports care provided to university students.
- Coordinating and cooperating with the Deanship of Student Affairs in all matters related to supporting student care for scholarship students in order to integrate them with regular Saudi students.
- Coordinate with the travel unit regarding the issuance of students' residence visas, exit and return visas, and final exit and issuance of tickets for them.
- Coordination and cooperation with the actors inside and outside the university in order to facilitate and meet the requirements of expatriates and their companions and provide necessary support in housing and subsistence and the disbursement of financial dues to them.
- To contribute to the development of behavioral, cognitive, social, cultural and emotional scholarship students in the light of Islamic principles.
- Strengthen the relationship with other universities in order to support partnership among them in the field of social and sports welfare for scholarship students and exchange visits between Saudi universities.
- Organizing competitions in the field of student care, encouraging outstanding hobbies and talents, and providing the necessary support to develop the talents, hobbies and welfare of scholarship students, socially, culturally and sportily.
- Organizing educational trips for scholarship students in order to raise awareness of the Kingdom's scientific, economic, political, social, health and religious renaissance.
- Supporting communication with graduates of scholarship students in their countries and following up their achievements and strengthening ties with officials in their countries to create an incubator environment for them after graduation and their involvement in the field of work, education, advocacy and guidance.
- Enable the benefit of scholarship students to activate their participation in various media in the Kingdom by raising the names of those wishing them to the Ministry of Information as well as some charities to use them.

3. Administrative Communications Unit:
Definition of the unit:
It is the unit specialized in administrative communications affairs and follow-up matters of incoming and outgoing for all transactions received and issued and cataloging and keeping records and all circulars received from the Ministry of Education and internal and external transactions.

Objectives of the Unit:
- Organization  of transactions and administrative circulars to and from the administration of external grants.
- Indexing, archiving, and documenting all administrative transactions for external grant management.

Unit functions:
- Receiving paper and electronic transactions and circulars directed to the grant department and presenting them to the general supervisor of the scholarship administration for their knowledge.
- Sending administrative letters issued by the General Supervisor of the Department of External Grants to the concerned authorities and exporting them via the electronic correspondence system.
- Keeping and documenting circulars received from the Ministry of Education for reference when making or making decisions pursuant to what is stated therein.
- Archiving all transactions received for the management of grants issued and kept in special files according to the date of receipt and export.
- Publication of news and announcements about the activities of the administration of foreign grants in all media.
- Preparation and production of information materials to support the mission of the Department of External Scholarships at the University.
- Any other tasks.