Fundamental values ​​of grant management

Preserving Islamic Identity:

The Grants Department is committed to promoting the spirit of Islamic identity, strengthening the role of the Kingdom in this regard, and making it the general framework for programs and plans to transmit the message of Islam to the world

Leadership and Excellence:

The continuous pursuit of leadership, excellence and commitment to providing distinguished care and services to grants students.

Continuous learning and knowledge:

The scholarship department is committed to supporting continuous learning and dissemination of knowledge, fostering continuous intellectual growth and contributing to the development of grants students by integrating them into all student activities and volunteering, refining their training skills and satisfying their talents and hobbies

: Responsibility

Grant management gives its members and employees the required authorities that enable them to take responsibility for serving and sponsoring scholarship students during their studies.

Solidarity between the Kingdom and the world:

The Department of External Grants is committed to strengthening the solidarity between the Kingdom represented by Taif University and the countries of the world by attracting outstanding students to scholarship programs.