The Program Transformation Project of Higher Studies (Ulia)

date of publication : 2019-02-11

With the announcement of finalizing the refereeing of the Vocational Master’s Programs, the University has concluded the Program Transformation Project for higher studies (Ulia), the programs were in qualitative specializations that suit the labor market and the 2030 vision.

  1. (27) Vocational Master’s Programs.
  2. (83) external referees.
  3. (67) vocational referees.
  4. (15) public parties and grand companies.
  5. (14) public and private universities.

His Excellency the President of the University, Dr. Husam Abdul-Wahhab Zaman, gave a speech in which he said: in order for the University – with all its efforts – to execute the program transformation project, it incorporated the contributions of experts and specialists from various sectors in the revision of these programs prior to accrediting them and making them available for admission.

What are the advantages of the program transformation project?

  1. Each program is associated to a pivotal point of the 2030 vision.
  2. It targets people at work.
  3. Untraditional with a global way of thinking, an up-to-date methodology, a local perspective and a national one.
  4. It prepares high-level graduates professionally.
  5. It is the result of intensive, gradual, academic and refereed work.
  6. Appropriate to the needs of the labor market.

The University would like to show its gratitude to the public and private parties that participated in the refereeing of the new Vocational Master’s Programs within the Program Transformation Project.