Strategic Planning and Information Department

Department of Strategic Planning and Information



A department that specializes in leading the strategic planning process at the University, gathering information efficiently, and extracting knowledge effectively to support decision-making throughout the University.


Facilitate the development of the University’s strategic plan in line with the University’s aspirations, and in accordance with the national trends, and provide information in an accurate and timely manner to support decision-makers in formulating policies and creating future visions for the university.



1- Facilitating the development of the University’s strategic plan, providing technical support to all strategic business units, and following up the plan’s execution using best practices, and standard key performance indicators.

2- Provide information, knowledge and reports that help the decision-maker at the university correct the plan’s course, formulate effective policies, and design new visions of the University’s future.

3- Maximize the benefit drawn from the available information, and using it to raise the university’s performance

4- Disseminate public information to the community to achieve the highest level of transparency while ensuring the highest level of security for private data.