The Vice Presidency for Planning, Development and Community Service was established in 1438 AH to keep pace with the national trends of improving the performance of Saudi universities, and institutionalizing their work. The Vice Presidency endeavors to improve the university’s institutional effectiveness and efficiency through an integrated strategic plan that includes the development of its administrative and creative capacities, and a better utilization of its human capital. Information is gathered to inform current and future plans, and support the decision-making process at all levels. The Vice presidency nurtures the gifted and creative members of the university community involving them as effective actors in building the knowledge society. It also works to strengthen the financial capabilities of the University and the development of its investments to make the university a more sustainable institution. The Vice Presidency coordinates the use of the University’s capabilities to contribute to the development of the community mainly by developing and reinforcing community partnerships.

Prof. Turki bin Salim Althubaiti has been assuming the position of Vice President for Planning, Development, and Community Service since the Vice Presidency was established.