Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

The Entrepreneurship Center



A Distinguished entity in producing a successful new generation of entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the national economy.



To disseminate the entrepreneurship culture in the university and in the community, and to offer support for the establishment, management, and development of successful entrepreneurship businesses.


Strategic Objectives

  • Raise the awareness about the concept of entrepreneurship and the culture of independent work, and encourage innovation and development.
  • Develop the leadership skills of the members of the university and the community, and prepare them to be competitive in establishing entrepreneurial projects.
  • Build an effective network of contacts with initiative development centers to support entrepreneurs in establishing and marketing their own projects successfully.
  • Provide consultancy in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve community partnership between the university and society.
  • Marketing the creative outputs of the university locally and internationally.


Core Values

  • Distinction and Competitiveness
  • Encouraging and Nurturing Initiatives
  • Community Partnership


Center Activities and Programs

  • Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship in the university and the community through public lectures, seminars, brochures, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and advertising campaigns.
  • Provide specialized training programs that qualify university students, graduates and entrepreneurs to start, develop and commercialize innovative projects.
  • Providing research and consulting on investment opportunities, feasibility studies and geographic investment map.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs by reaching out to funding entities and setting up a fund to support entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Establishment of integrated business incubators to support the incubation of creative ideas and entrepreneurial projects.
  • Establishment of a patent registration and marketing office.