Strategic Objectives and Directions

Strategic Objectives and Directions

The strategic objectives are the ends that the Vice-presidency for Higher Studies and Research wishes to reach in Taif University. Each objective is realized through a set of directions that represent the basis for constructing the programs that form the short-term and medium-term research plans, which, as a whole, form the strategic plan of the Vice-presidency.

In light of the results of the assessment of the status quo of research, the vision and mission of the Vice-presidency, the strategic objectives of research have been formulated in Taif University as three which are:

First objective: establish and develop the infrastructure of research in the University so as to fulfill the requirements of research and contributes to the constant development and improvement of the efforts in research.

This objective is realized through a set of strategic directions which are:

1.         Establishing scientific labs which are determined in light of:

  • The nature and type of the current curricula, and the ones expected in the future.
  • The number and types of current colleges and departments, and the ones expected.
  • The current and expected number of students.
  • The current and expected financial abilities in light of the governmental funding plan which could be obtained from self-funding resources.
  • The current types of technology available and the ones expected in the future.
  • The ability to provide human resources able to operate and benefit from the labs.

2.         Establishing databases for the academic production of the University, and linking it to the other universities, establishments, centers and research units inside and outside the Kingdom on one hand, and to the sections benefiting from research results on the other hand.

3.         Linking the University to the local, provincial and global information resources through subscription to the specialized websites.

4.         Providing modern technology to develop and support innovation and creativity in he field of research and its applications.

5.         Providing the necessary human resources to manage and maintain the infrastructure of research, with guaranteeing the constant improvement in the ability and potential of these resources.

Second objective: developing the skills of research, innovation and creativity of faculty members, and motivating them to carry out distinguished research in light of the topics determined according to the needs of the community. This objective is realized through the following strategic directions:

1.         Enhancing the research abilities and skills of the faculty members in general, and the newcomers in particular.

2.         Supporting the developmental and applicable studies as well as research.

3.         Publishing research papers locally, provincially and globally.

4.         Developing sciences and knowledge in the University through working on two axes:

  • Encouraging the translation of major international books that serve the different specializations in the University in light of the developed curricular plans of the colleges.
  • Supporting academic writing in light of the accreditation standards and the requirements of the learning process.

5.         Supporting the publishing of distinguished academic theses that contribute to solving the problems of society and develop its knowledge.

6.         Incentivize and motivate research through allocating financial rewards for distinguished research papers in the various specializations in the University.

Third objective: specifying the topics and aspects of research in light of the current and futuristic needs of the society, thus contribute to solving its problems and developing it. This objective is realized through the following strategic directions:

1.         Specifying the current and futuristic directions of society, and determining the current and expected problems in various sect of society to limit the axes of research to the time period of the plan.

2.         Developing and supporting the effective partnership between the sects of society to achieve the effective communication between the various directions of research and the different needs of society.

3.         Achieving research integration with the Saudi universities which achieves the utmost benefit from the available human and financial resources.