The Vice-presidency of Higher Studies and Research adopts an array of values that seek the realization of its strategic objectives and tendencies:

  • Creativity: encouraging the creative ideas and suggestions in all aspects related to research and higher studies
  • Distinction: seeking the accomplishment of all issues related to the organization, execution and following up of the activities of the Vice-presidency with the utmost efficiency
  • Transparency: dealing with all matters related to the Vice-presidency’s activities and their financial issues with clarity and openness
  • Futuristic Vision: focusing on looking ahead and planning continuous improvements on the level of performance
  • Flexibility: the ability to respond quickly to the internal and external variables that affect the quality and nature of the Vice-presidency’s activities
  • Responsibility: the Vice-presidency shoulders its responsibilities before the University, the surrounding community and the Kingdom in general
  • Innovative Leadership: supporting and encouraging the leading roles on all administrative levels in light of the organizational hierarchy of the Vice-presidency
  • Respect and Appreciation: respect and appreciate all parties related to the Vice-presidency and benefiting from its activities