The Mechanism of the Board’s Work


The Mechanism of the Board’s Work

This mechanism is summarized in receiving the work systematically entrusted to the Board and that referred to it from the other colleges or deanships of the University, then, redirecting it to the members of the Scientific Board to study it and make recommendations regarding it. After that, the minutes of each meeting are prepared and ratified by the President of the University. Next, the decisions made are carried out, or the recommendations are sent to the University Board as per the following regulations and bylaws:

Regulations and Bylaws

  • The higher education and universities council
  • The bylaw regulating the affairs of Saudi university employees as faculty members and persons with similar status.
  • The rules governing the scientific associations in Saudi universities.

And so, the duties of the Scientific Board are:

  • Promoting faculty members
  • Appointing faculty members
  • The academic leave
  • Scientific training and communication
  • Refereeing books and academic publishing
  • Nominating for academic rewards
  • Other academic issues referred to it