The Speech of His Excellency the Chairman of the Scientific Board


The speech of His Excellency the Vice-president for Higher Studies and Research/ Dr. Saad Al-Zahrani:

The Scientific Board has a key role in keeping the faculty members busy, thus its role becomes pivotal, and every one becomes passionate to learn about its news and decisions. Every academic member is attached to the Board in a way or another. Therefore, the role of the electronic site in the process of realizing the bylaws that organize the work of the Scientific Board, its role, performance, and all that it issues or is benefited from it seem effective. It saves a lot of effort, saves a lot of time, manifests the efficiency and quality of work, and respects the needs of the community of the University and its development. The Board has been keen on providing its site with all that realizes complete and decisive knowledge for all that comes to mind, or the faculty members need or wonders about, or the Board deems necessary for better awareness.