Achievements for the Month of Muharram 1442 H

  1. Developing Taif University plan to enhance the employability of its graduates.
  2. Submitting a proposal to transfer the Department of Sports Sciences to the College of Applied Medical Sciences.
  3. Conducting a workshop on programmatic accreditation.
  4. Submitting a proposal to transfer the Department of Law to the College of Law.
  5. Submitting a proposal to transfer the University Counseling Department to the University Counseling Center.
  6. Holding the annual forum for university leaders and employees.
  7. Following up on the issuance of the instructor’s procedural guide of e-learning.
  8. Approving the organizational guide and its appendices for conferring honorary academic certificates and titles on persons collaborating with health colleges. 


Achievements for the Month of Safar 1442 H

  1. Submitting a proposal of "I hear and obey” platform on the occasion of the Kingdom's National Day.
  2. Submitting a proposal for the Cultural Olympiad of Saudi universities.
  3. Submitting a proposal for naming the Great Hall after His Excellency the late Prof. Dr. Abdullah Banajah.
  4. Submitting a proposal for the National Consultative Committees (Vice Presidents’ Committee for Development and Quality).
  5. Submitting the self-study reports as well as the national accreditation requirements of (5) academic programs (Medicine, Pharmacy, General Biology, English Language, and Clinical Laboratories).
  6. Submitting the self-study report as well as the international accreditation requirements (CEA) of the English Language Center.
  7. Approving the safe return plan and the alternative plan for distance learning and electronic tests.
  8. Organizing the virtual World Mental Health Day Forum at Taif University under the theme of Mental Health for All.