TU Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development Holds a Meeting on the Development of the University Newsletter

date of publication : 2018-11-15

In the context of the TU President’s interest in the role of media in the academic life of the university student, HE Prof. Abdulrahman bin Awad Al-Asmari, TU Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development, held a meeting on the development of the University Newsletter (Sahifat Minbar Aljamiea) during the next phase. The meeting was attended by Dr. Faisal Al Maliki, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Mansour Al Maliki, Dean of Supportive Studies, the University Newsletter working team including the university students and the staff of the Deanship of Student Affairs, and others interested in this domain.


The Vice President welcomed those who attended the meeting and extended appreciation to the efforts of the Deanship of Student Affairs and the University Newsletter working team. He then listened to the proposals of developing the University Newsletter presented by the working team. After discussing all the development themes, the Vice President explained the importance of taking operational steps in the coming period according to a timetable to achieve the new vision of the University Newsletter. Finally, the working team thanked the Vice President for his constructive directives and support for the development of the University Newsletter.