Introducing the Scout Movement in the female section

date of publication : 2019-10-07

In the presence of a number of university staff from the academic and administrative bodies and female students, His Excellency the Vice President for Female Students Affairs Dr. Iman Al-Zahrani on Thursday, 4/2/1441 H Tariff introductory scout movement in the female section in front of the student activities building, the tent included a definition of scouts and principles that the Scout team pledged to abide by and the foundations and laws according to international voluntary educational controls.
The Vice Rector for Female Students Affairs thanked the Dean of Student Affairs. Dr. Bandar Al-Buqami and the Vice Dean for Student Activities Dr. Amal Ashour and all the staff of the Deanship for their keenness to develop the field of student activities to contribute to building the personality of students and develop their skills.