Taif University celebrated the graduation of 8988 students in Various scientific majors and fields

date of publication : 2019-03-20


Taif university launched celebrating the graduation of the fifteenth batch of her female students this year. They are about 8988 in various scientific degrees and majors. It will continue its celebration next Friday and Saturday.

The vice president for students' affairs, Dr. Eman Alzahrani declared formally on behalf of the president of the university Dr. Hossam Zaman, the graduation of the fifteenth batch of female students. Dr. Alzahrani said addressing the graduates that Taif university which is continuously developed, was careful to provide an educational experiment in an academic environment and to develop its academic programs,  educational syllabuses, both curricular and extracurricular activities and its infrastructure of technical and modern devices in accordance with its budget and abilities.

The vice president for students' affairs confirmed that the university will do its best to achieve the best in order to make students proud of being affiliated and graduated from this university as an inspiring place for continuous life learning.

She thanked greatly on behalf of all the graduates the custodian of the two Holy Mosques  King Soliman bin Abd Aziz and his royal highness the crown prince Mohammed bin Soliman bin Abd Aziz for the graduation of this promising generation which is considered the vision and transforming generation.

The vice president for students' affairs confirmed that the graduates represent the youth generation which the country depends on and very proud of as its friends and allies and the enemies are afaird of. The youth who will transfer nationally for a better life through the vision of an ambitious country with  prosperous economy and vital society.

The vice dean of acceptance and registration, Mrs. Gihan Jumbi, submitted a general statement about the number of the graduated in various scientific fields and degrees for this year.

The student Shahd Aldosari addressed a speech on behalf of the graduates in which she expressed her gratitude for the efforts of  the parents, the university staff member its,administrative members and all its affiliates.

The program concluded with honoring the first position students from different faculties in the bachelor degree and also the disabled students.

The university celebrated the graduates of the faculties of medicine, Arts, computer and information and science on Friday and on Saturday the graduates of the MA degree, Pharmacy, education college and the high diploma in education.

The university will continue the celebration of the graduates of the design and applied Arts college, the applied medical science college, Alsharih and regulations college, and the diploma of community service next Friday and finally the graduates of business administration college next Saturday.