TU to offer a training program to obtain a lawyer's license

date of publication : 2019-07-17

TU Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Elm Company (a public company owned by the Public Investment Fund) to provide a preparatory program to qualify lawyers for the legal practice.

TU was represented by Dr. Rana Ghazi Zaini, Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development. The company was represented by Dr. Nasser Zaid Al Mashari, Vice President for Business.

Dr. Zaini explained that the university's signing of the memorandum of understanding will provide an opportunity to qualify graduates of the College of Sharia and Regulations to obtain the legal license from the Ministry of Justice and prepare them to practice the profession. She pointed out that TU obtained the approval of DOJ to provide the program at its headquarters, with the participation of instructors from the College of Sharia and the legal training center at MOJ, noting that TU will announce the details of joining the program in due course.

Dr. Zaini explained that the lawyers qualification program includes a number of professional development tools such as discussion, training, simulation, procedural research, and guided readings.